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Marcels Watch Group becomes exclusive retailer for Lindskog Sweden, a Swedish watch manufacturer

Marcels Watch Group has through the years recieved several requests about cooperations and joint ventures, all have been rejected. This time the result was different. In September 2020 it was decided, Marcels Watch Group is the exclusive retailer of Lindskog Sweden and their watches can now be seen in the store. 

Find out more about Lindskog Sweden here.


Blossomia Pop-Up-Store visits Marcels Watch Group during December

The cooperation Blossomia AB, a high end profile product manufacturer creating profile products with focus on boxes and flower arrangements will have accompanion watches with the most wonderful winter flowers during the christmas market. 

Find out more about Blossomia here.


Barnebys Magazine visits Marcels Watch Group in their store

Roughly e year after the grand opening Barneby Magazine did once agin visit Marcels Watch Group. Time for new intervju and of course a look in the new store. 

Read the interview here.


Tony Berg decorate the walls of Marcels Wach Group

Tony Berg, a dedicated artist and a watch lover is now showing his art at Marcels Watch Group. Tonys art feels 100% right at our walls and we are delighted to be able to see and share his passion and work every day.

Follow Tony at instagram here.


Marcels watch Group, retailer for Hirsch

Probably the best watch straps in the world. With the many years of experience they do have it is to no one a suprise. Now you can find the whole range of straps from Hirsch at Marcels Watch Group. 

Can’t find the perfect strap, contact us for a custom made one, still from Hirsch. 


Marcels Watch Group opens their first store

Higab, one of Gothenburgs larger municipality owned land lord sheds some light on the event that Marcels Watch Group just moved in at the well known Kronhusbodarna. 

Read Higab’s article here. is a watch site talking watches. They have been giving hints and tips to vintage lovers and has also referred some of these people to Marcels Watch Group. 

Read their vintage-guide here


Barnebys Magazine intervire Marcels Watch Group

Barnebys Magazine covers most watch happenings, of course they had to visit the show room of Marcels Watch Group at Kyrkogatan in Gothenburg.

Read the intervire here.