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Marcels Watch Group was founded in 2013 as Marcels Trading Company. Our foundations is passion about time pieces, and we do love our work. 

It all began with the search for the perfect pocket watch, a search that will never be finished. As the number of pocket watches purchased increased the space for storing them shrunk. Some of the lovely time pieces had to be uttered. Thus, Marcels Trade was created.

In the beginning of 2016 Marcels Trade became Marcels Watch Group Inc. and we are today not only delivering watches al across the globe, we also preform overhauls in-house or through partners, we do written statemenst from the Swedish chambers of commerse and we opened the doors to our first Store. Our focus is still the very classical vintage watches from well renowned brands but we have also delivered some modern watches on demands. 

As time changes the time pieces of quality and elegance stay timeless. Our mission is to provide the world with watches in all forms and from all times with a consistently high quality of experience, a quality that is to be matched with the products we provide.

The ambition is to deliver any watch you as a customer search for. As we know how difficult it can be to find that very special time piece you really want, we will do all in our power to provide you with that very watch. Some times we succeed, some times we do not, but also embedded in our ambition is the strive to always make you as a custumer satisfied. 

When we look back, our story, our work and our products have guided us on the path. Watches from high end manufacturers have always been timeless, and our wish to always make these available to you has always helped us forward. We do believe in quality before quantity and that very thought has lead us to where we are today. And still, we stick to the same mindset. 

Our vision is to deliver in the manner of a world class service and custumer experience, before, during and after any purchase. This is what we believe constributes to our strong growth. If we are to say something about the future, we are certain of that we will be able to deliver even better experiences together with the products we offer. We wish to still surpass the expectations and we will continue doing what we can to do so successfully.

Since, 2018, Marcels Watch Group is located at the historical heart of Gothenburg, Kronhusbodarna. The idea behind the store is to offer you an even better customer experience. This through providing you with the possibility to view and feel your favorite vintage time pieces and to share your passion together with us. We do of course also like to talk about watches and their history, so even if you do not intend to purchase anything, come by, say hi and share your passion with likeminded. 

The store is open from Tuesday to Friday between 11AM – 6PM and Saturday and Sunday 11AM to 3PM. Welcome!