Vintage ladies Cartier, must de Cartier Vermil, circa 1985

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Art. No. 1026
Basic information
Manufacturer: Cartier
Model: Must De Cartier Vermeil Tank
Winding: N/A
Lug to lug 28 mm
Diametre excluding crown: 21 x 20 mm
Height (highest point): 6 mm
Strap width, Attach/Buckle: 15/14 mm
Strap size, Long/Short: 110/65 mm
Year (not validated by manufacturer): N/A
Serial no: 84186 no.: 3-66001 (81515)
Jewels: N/A
Looks and materials
Strap material: Crocodile leather
Strap color: Black
Case type: Skruvad boett, 2 delar
Case material: Guldplätterat sterlingsilver 0.925
Crystal material: Mineralglas
Dial: Champagne
Buckle material: Gold plated
Movement and meassurements (meassured in 6 positions)
Caliber: N/A
Average time deviation (sec / day): N/A
Average amplitude (degrees): N/A
Average beat error (ms): N/A
Frequency (bph): Märkets caliber ej inlagd
Stated powerreserv*: Märkets caliber ej inlagd
Extended information
Service, hands: Original hands**
Service, case: Lightly polished
Service dial: Dial in original state**
Service, buckle: Buckle/Clasp not exchanged by Marcels Watch Group
Service, crown: Original crown**
Service, crystal: New original crystal
Service strap/bracelet: New Hirsch Prestige
Service, movement: Function tested and controlled for time keeping
Service documents: Yes
Appraisal: Yes
Box: No box
Certificate: Certificate from Marcels Watch Group
Grading and assessments
Color grade dial: Riverside
Damage grade dial: VSD1
Condition case: P-Surface-P
Overall impression: Grade AA
Warranty***: 12 months
Remark: Spiderdail (sprucken urtavla)
*Deviation is to be anticipated
**Originalpart mounted on the watch when purchased, no guarantee that it is factory original
***Function warranty, i.e. the functions is guaranteed to work during this time given that the watch is treated within the guidelines of treatment. In the event of outer mischief, warranty is not applicable
See for grading information
See for grading information