Vintage Citizen 540, 1960:s

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Watches listed here are watches that can be pre-orderd. At the moment they are not yet serviced or ready for delivery. When ordered they will be serviced and delivered within 2-6 w depending on the extensiveness of the service required. Measures that will be executed due to findings from the first assessment are mentioned further below.
There will be optional choices as strap, polishing, change of crystal instead of polishing, etc. If you as an example would like to add another strap than the one suggested you can add the strap of your choice from our “accessories”. The cost of the initially suggested strap will be refunded. Other requests of extras are to be mentioned in the checkout comment section.
The price of a pre-orderd watch will be somewhat lower than since we can cut some costs. Our two weeks of return policy is also covering pre-ordered watches. If the watch does not meet your expectations or if you simply changed your minds, you can return the watch within two weeks from delivery. You are also allowed to cancel the order at any point before the delivery. We will refund the full amount if an order is cancelled (please note that changes in the currency rate may apply). For changes that are irreversible, the two weeks return policy or the option to cancel the order does not apply. For instance, a requested polishing or engraving onto the watch case cannot be reversed and an order like that cannot be cancelled.
Proposed measures:
– Marcels Watch Group’s mini service
– Strap
– Crystal change
– Case polishing
– Strap
– Crystal polishing