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Marcels Watch Groups Christmas event 2019

We had a great year so far in 2019. Many things have happened and now, in the spirit of Christmas, we would like to thank all of you who followed us, subscribed and liked what we do. Your support helps us to become even better, it helps us to surpass your expectations and it helps us to be able to share and give back to you.

How to win?

There are two different ways to win. One way is through social media and our newsletter and the other through purchasing a wrist- or pocket watch.

Social media and newsletter

Starting December 1st through December 25th we will have a random daily give away for randomly picked winner. The gifts will vary and can be anything from a strap to a wrist- or pocket watch. Which day what gift will be given none of us yet know, but we are going to announce at least one new gift every day. Please observe that the gift announced doesn’t necessarily have to be the gift given away that very day, everything will be settled Dec 25th and announces shortly after.

Before the end of the year we will announce all winners and what they have won and we will start contacting the winners to collect address information. To participate in the Social media and newsletter event you will need to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter. By doing any of these, you will automatically be participating in the event. Doing all three will give you the times the chance to win. Being active by tagging, sharing, liking and commenting our posts will substantially increase your chances. All activity will be logged and will affect the outcome even if chance will play the major role.

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Shop to win

Simultaneously with the Social media and newsletter event you will have another chance of winning a wristwatch. You acquire this possibility by purchasing a pocket- or wristwatch from us online or in our store. This extra chance is given through Nov 1st through Dec 31st and this is an exclusive lottery for the ones who have made a purchase. For every wrist- or pocket watch acquired you will get one extra “lottery ticket”, i.e. you bought several watches, you will have several a bigger chance to win.

Current listings

The rewards

All products marked as rewards are the exact products that can be acquired or won, in other words, the watches or accessories shown are the ones you can win, no similar or other equivalent product. 

With all this said, our suggestion is that you now subscribe to our newsletter, starts following us at Instagram and like us at Facebook. Stay active and why not get any of your Christmas gifts from our store, or maybe it is time to purchase the watch you’ve been looking at so many times. Because maybe, just maybe, it might be you who gets an extra Christmas gift this year!



  1. Every participant in the lottery can only win one price in each lottery. The whole period from Dec 1st through Dec 25th is seen as one lottery. For those who bough a pocket- or wristwatch there is an additional lottery. 
  2. To participate you have to be a consumer and use a personal account owned and controlled by you solely. 
  3. The winner from the lottery amongst those who bought a pocket- or wristwatch, the price is sent as soon as the period of possibility to claim return policy (two weeks) has expired. This is only applicable for those who bought a watch from distance. If the winner claims a return within the period of return policy the price will be forwarded to another participant.
  4. All winners can chose to decline the price by telling us when we reach to inform them or before. The price will be passed on to another participant. 
  5. Products that are won cannot be exchanged to other products, be returned or in any other way be traded with Marcels Watch Group to gain any kind of value.
  6. Products won are not subject to return-policy, warranty or reclamation. 
  7. Products won cannot be reason for damage or any other legal claims towards Marcels Watch Group.
  8. Products won are not in any way to damage the reputation of Marcels Watch Group in any way. I.e. they are not to portrait Marcels Watch Group in a negative way no matter how deficient the product is perceived. 
  9. All products won are delivered “as if” and are not to be compared or seen as any other of the Products Marcels Watch Group are selling. They are also not to be seen as serviced. 
  10. All products that are part of the lottery are the exact products shown in images or pictures. However, the images or pictures that are showing the products are only to be seen as an image of the real product. 
  11. All winners are free to do with the winnings whatever the want except using it in a way that can damage Marcels Watch Group.
  12. Any gift cards won are personally attached but the winner can grant it to whomever s/he prefers and it will still be valid as long as the granting is noted on the gift card in a readable way. 
  13. Marcels Watch Group cannot make any claim whatsoever on earnings made by the winner from anything won, no matter how big of an earning made. 
  14. Marcels Watch Group cannot make any claims on the product won after it is in the possession of the winner. 
  15. A product won that is delivered faulty cannot by Marcels Watch Group be changed, be restored or in any other way create any claim from the winner towards Marcels Watch Group. 
  16. The winner can chose if the product is to be delivered with insure shipping. If insured shipping is chosen, customs or other fees other than shipping fees are to be paid by the winner and cannot be reimbursed from Marcels Watch Group.
  17. Marcels Watch Group has reserved rights to not send any winning product if:
    1. the winner does not reply with address information within a period of two weeks from the day Marcels Watch Group contacted her/him to retrieve address information, or
    2. the winner, previous to the time Marcels Watch Group sent the won product, has expressed her-/himself in a way that can be perceived as negative or negatively affect the reputation of Marcels Watch Group, or
    3. the winner to Marcels Watch Group has expressed that the won product should be destroyed or discarded, or
    4. the won product is defect in a way that the winner might be affected in a negative way, in such case Marcels Watch Group will offer a equivalent product to the winner, or
    5. the winner is an organization or a company, or
    6. any breach of the rules of the competition has been made by the winner, or
    7. due to other reason, decided by the board of directors of Marcels Watch Group, which can be expressed if requested by the winner unless it would be against current legislation or other rule that Marcels Watch Group has to obey, or